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At WineryConnect we pride ourselves on partnering with solution providers who offer Best of Breed solutions to wineries. We are continually on the lookout for new solutions which “play well in the sandbox” and are open to being integrated into the solutions ecosystem we offer our customers.

Our growing list of partners includes:

Revel   |   Nexternal   |   Magento   |   vintrace


When Hazlitt 1852 Vineyards contracted WineryConnect in 2014 to evaluate Point Of Sale (POS) systems they knew what they didn’t want. Hazlitt had plenty of experience with old POS systems which were hard to maintain, inflexible, and difficult or impossible to integrate with other business systems. They were ready for something new.

By working out a detailed RFP with Hazlitt’s key personnel, WineryConnect arrived at the best solution with Revel POS Systems, a next-generation POS provider focused on winery operations. WineryConnect has now partnered with Revel to deploy and support the Revel POS, and we have extended its capabilities with our own offerings. Over the years WineryConnect has helped Hazlitt grow their Revel deployment across multiple businesses at different locations as well as at some 2 festivals per week across the US throughout the summer.

Choosing Revel POS not only gives you the power, flexibility, and security of their system, but also pairs with our expertise customizing Revel to work for wineries and integrating Revel into other systems like eCommerce  and our own offering: Savor . Our goal is to create seamless operation and reporting for all areas of your business.

Finally, WineryConnect solutions are backed by our top-notch local support team the Grape Squad . The Grape Squad is available 24/7 to provide in-person assistance within the Finger Lakes area as well as phone and email support with industry-specific knowledge.

Revel POS supports:
  • Tasting Room Sales
  • Offline Operation
  • Cafés and Restaurants
  • Gift Shop
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Flexible Discounts
  • Gift Card Programs
  • Staff and Shift Management
  • Off-Site Sales
  • Real-Time Analysis
  • Web-Based Reporting on Any Device
  • Customizable Options
  • Employee Training

WineryConnect will install and set up your Revel POS as well as get your staff trained. We’ll be nearby to answer your questions and help continue to customize the system to best suit your business.

Check out the Revel POS for Wineries, the Revel POS for Restaurants, and the Revel POS for Bars and then, Contact WineryConnect for a live demo. Note that Revel also works well for a number of other businesses. Click here for more detail.


New Nexternal Press Release and Buttonwood Grove case study out!!! TrueCommerce

Nexternal was acquired in mid-2015 by a global commerce company based on their success for the last 18 years selling eCommerce to wineries. Now part of TrueCommerce, WineryConnect and Nexternal have worked together since late 2015 and we have tightly integrated the Nexternal winery eCommerce platform with vinESB. We can say with confidence that Nexternal is an industry leading solution for wineries that want to sell Direct To Consumer, and in particular their subscription wine club is the best we’ve seen. Their support is outstanding and their business processes are mature. Nexternal is our preferred eCommerce provider for wineries.


For wineries just getting going, WineryConnect works with the open-source Magento platform to deliver powerful and customizable eCommerce websites tuned to the special needs of alcohol producers.

Magento boasts an extensive marketplace of plug-ins to help you innovate your online operations. To top things off, WineryConnect has built custom Magento plug-ins specifically for the wine and beverage industry. From a Reward Club management system that automatically emails customers to a Shipping Rules module to limit state, customers can ship to, handle exceptions for states where shipments need to go to licensed establishments, among other compliance nuances.

Finally, WineryConnect specializes in integrating Magento with a number of services such as Constant ContactShipLark (for fulfillment automation), and in particular the Revel Point Of Sale system, and our own Savor offering.

Contact WineryConnect for a consultation and conversation about your business.


WineryConnect is extremely pleased to announce that we have entered into an agreement with vintrace. Furthermore we are actively working to develop an integration between vintrace and vinESB so that information about wine can be entered just once at the source. vinESB will pick up product SKU and bottling numbers and push them into the POS and online store so all systems are in sync on what bottles are which. vinESB will then pull detailed information like % alcohol by volume, residual sugar, and pH levels to pre-populate descriptions and tasting notes based on winery specified templates. We hope to have development complete on this functionality within the first half of 2018.